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Play Structure Fundraiser

Playground Planning Committee

The Blumenort Playground Planning Committee has been formed to design and fund raise a replacement for the playground that was removed south of the Recreation Centre

The park sees a lot of traffic throughout our summer months and a lot of local traffic year round from both members of our community, and those in surrounding communities. And because our community is only growing, a replacement playground is greatly needed.

Committee members are:

Sarah Plett – 204-370-5822
Stephanie Thiessen – 204-371-9920
Paula Plett – 204-371-7786

Proposed Playground Structure

In 1875, Blumenort was officially recognized with 24 farming families, and by 1940, many businesses and farms were established along or near the mile road now called Blumenort’s Centre Avenue.  Our desire is to construct a farm themed playground that would represent what the heart of Blumenort lives and breathes, and give the residents of Blumenort a sense of pride and acknowledgment in the farming history of our town.

Fundraising Plan

  • A group of volunteers will be canvassing businesses and homes in Blumenort to request donations towards this important project
  • We are asking each household to consider donating $50 towards this project, which will be key in building this structure
  • If you are not able at this time we ask that you consider signing the petition if you could see yourself using this play structure with your children/grandchildren/ other children in your care now or in the future 
  • Your donation, and/or signature will have a large and lasting impact on the level of play the children of our community will be able to have, especially in these trying times.  The building of this play structure will need a community effort to happen
  • Cheques are to be made out to RM of Hanover with a notation the donation is for the Blumenort Play Structure
  • Tax deductible receipts are available through the RM of Hanover office for donations over $25
  • You can mail your donations to the RM of Hanover, personally hand them to those canvasing, or give one of our committee members a call and we would be willing to pick up any donation you may have
  • The address to the RM of Hanover is, 28 Westland Drive Mitchell, MB R5G 2N9
  • Canvassers will be bringing petition papers with them when they come door to door if you to wish to sign, as well, a petition will also be up at JT’s store and dinner if you wish to sign but missed our canvassers
  • We are asking all money be donated by July 6.  If we are able to raise the funds in this time frame, we will be able to have a fall installation of the structure for this year