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Splash Pad is Now Open

As of June 12, 2020 the Splash Pad is now open. 10am – 9pm

We will need everyone from our community to help out with continuing following the guideline that have been set out by the Provincial government. You will need you to make sure you are social distancing from other families and encouraging your children to as well. We totally understand they this may be difficult but we just ask that you try your best.

We would also like your help with keeping our park and splash pad area clean. Please use the garbage cans that are provided or take your garbage with you. We also need your children not to play in the sand at the volley ball court and then rinse off in the splash pad. The sand if very hard on our splash pad motors and it is expensive to fix. If we all try to do our best the splash pad can and will give our children hours of fun this summer.

Thanks for helping us out and using our facilities.