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Rent a Facility

Blumenort Recreation Association Inc

Rental Agreement

Abe G. Penner Park Rental:

Includes exclusive use of the main picnic shelter and one of the following: one baseball diamond, volleyball court, tennis court. Shared public use of other baseball diamonds, tennis court, volleyball court, play structures, splash pad, washrooms, etc.

Rental rate: $25.00 per hour (minimum 2 hour rental) or $175.00 for full day rental + 5% GST

Recreation Centre Rental:

Includes exclusive use of the recreation centre (washrooms, 1 change room, open area) and outdoor rink. Shared public use of small rink in parking lot (if applicable).

  • The rink is only available Sunday evening 8-10 and Monday-Thursday
  • If you want to guarantee the rink gets flooded before your rental it will be an additional $50.

Rental rate: $ 50.00 per hour (minimum 2 hour rental) + 5% GST

  • Rental agreements are confirmed upon full payment for rental plus a separate cheque for damage deposit ($50 for outdoor shelter, $100 for rec centre) which will be destroyed if no damage is present after rental.
  • Cheques are to be made payable to RM of Hanover. Cheques and cash are the only accepted methods of payment.

Terms and Conditions

- All renters must be the age of majority in the Province of Manitoba, which is 18 years of age.
- Rental form must be submitted 1 week prior to rental date requested.
- All park facilities are closed from 10 pm to 10 am (summer) or 10 pm to 1 pm (winter). All rentals end by 10 pm.

- NO ALCOHOL is permitted anywhere on premises.

- NO SMOKING (including E-Cigarettes) is permitted anywhere in the building or outdoor picnic shelter or within 10 ft of entrances.

- Facilities must be left in clean condition: floors swept and spot mopped, garbage properly disposed of, counters wiped, tables and chairs wiped and put away. A minimum $50 cleaning fee will be charged if not left in clean condition.

- Vehicles are not permitted on park grounds except with prior approval by Maintenance Manager.

- Failure to follow the terms and conditions outlined by the Blumenort Recreation Association Inc. may result in rental cancellation and/or refusal of future rentals.

- Open flames are not permitted (with the exception of candles on a birthday cake) unless fully enclosed in a non-flammable container.

- Games of chance, lottery, or gambling in any form, contrary to law is strictly forbidden.

- Any change from these terms and conditions must have written approval from the Blumenort Recreation Association.

I agree for myself, and all other persons I permit to use the facilities pursuant to this rental agreement, that the Blumenort Recreation Association Inc. directors and members are not liable for anything that may happen to anyone or anything in or around the rented facility arising out of the rental and the function held.
Payment for rental is due seven (7) days prior to the rental.
Cancellation Policy as follows:
Notice of Rental Cancellation must be made to the Blumenort Rec email seven (7) days prior to the rental to be eligible for a refund.
Late Cancellation will be assessed at 50% of the rental fee.
Some exceptions may be made for cancellations due to extreme weather.

I agree that I am bound by the above Terms and Conditions. Should there be a violation of any of the above stated terms and conditions I understand and agree that I will vacate the premises and I shall pay any additional charges necessary arising out of violation of any of the above stated terms and conditions.