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LUD Committee

About the LUD of Blumenort

  • A Local Urban District (LUD) is an unincorporated community that has at least 250 residents
  • The Rural Municipality of Hanover has three Local Urban Districts administered by the Municipality
  • Each LUD has a Committee comprised of three elected community members who are elected at the same time as the new municipal council along with the Local Councilor
  • From the Municipal Act: 117(1) The committee of a local urban district is responsible for:
    • (a) preparing and adopting a service plan for the local urban district;
    • (b) submitting the service plan to the council before it adopts its operating and capital budgets; and
    • (c) the exercise of those powers delegated to it by the council of the municipality.
  • The LUD of Blumenort meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:00 am

LUD Responsibilities

  • While the RM is the local authority responsible for overall operation of the municipality, the LUD has been delegated certain duties:
    • Road Maintenance (including repairs, snow removal, street cleaning)
    • Drainage and Ditch Maintenance
    • Street Signage and Street Lighting
    • Sidewalk and Boulevard Maintenance (including mowing)
    • Composting and Solid Waste issue not provided by RM program
    • Weed Control
    • Public Space Management (not recreation)
    • Annual Capital Plan for Road Improvement/Replacement
    • LUD sets service levels and proposes an annual mill rate for the community
    • LUD is not responsible for planning issues (zoning conditional use variances etc.)
    • The RM Council and Administration works closely with the LUD Committee on all areas that impact residents

Committee Members

Kevin Medeiros (Chair) –
Roger Dueck –
Floyd Penner –

Roberto Hiebert (Councillor) –