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Intro to Sports

Blumenort Recreation is excited to open registration for the second year of Intro to Sports program. Our focus will be to teach participants introductory soccer and baseball skills. Every training session will include an equal breakdown of skill-based exercises and games.

Program Goals
Our practices will follow the Soccer Canada and Baseball Canada grassroots development program. The training plan for players of this age level focuses on motor skill development, basic sport skill development, and informal games. For more information, please visit the Manitoba Soccer Association grassroots and Baseball Canada Rally Cap program websites to review what a typical Active Start or FUNdamentals training session looks like.

Why sign up for Intro to Sports and not baseball or soccer?
The motivation behind this program is simple: how does a four-year old know which sport they will enjoy more? Baseball and soccer schedules typically conflict one another. Generally, a child is enrolled in the sport the parent knows most about or played growing. This program will give the participant an opportunity to develop their athletic skills by training in multiple different sports more easily, creating a well-rounded athlete, and determining THEIR favourite sport. By allowing the child to decide which sport they enjoy more, we will hopefully see longer retention in whichever sport the child decides to pursue after graduating from our program.

Program Details
 Birth years: 2016 to 2019
 May 3 to June 30
 Tuesday – Soccer
 Thursday – Baseball
 6:00-7:00pm

Price: $60/player
What’s included?
 Hat
 T-shirt
 Shorts
Required Equipment (not provided)
 Baseball glove
 Cleats (recommended) or running shoes

Contact: Dylan Plett